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As we saw above, it is likely that the last supper tradition recollects Jesus' final meal together with his disciples Here we need simply observe that Jesus is recalled as describing it as a covenant meal, indeed, in the version common to Luke and Paul, as 'the new covenant in my (Jesus') blood' (Luke 22.20/1 Cor.

owing of his own fate. A similar understanding of Zech. 13.7 is reflected in CD 19.6-10 (see below, § 17.5c).

111. Its isolated attestation puts Luke 12.32's status as a word of Jesus in question for most, though we can at least say that it is consistent with the rest of the motif (see also Beasley-Murray, Jesus and the Kingdom 185-87; Hampel, Menschensohn 39-40).

112. Is there also an allusion to Dan. 7.27 (Jeremias, Proclamation 181)?

113. 1 Kgs. 22.17; 2 Chron. 18.16; Jer. 50.6; Ezek. 34.5-6; Zech. 10.2; Jdt. 11.19.

114. Gen. 12.7; 13.15; 15.18; 17.8; 24.7; 26.3; 28.4, 13; 35.12; 48.4.

The implication, once again, is that as the Qumran community saw itself as participants in the 'new covenant',11 so Jesus saw the group around him as anticipatory fulfilment of the new covenant (Jer. 31.31-34) which Yahweh was to make with his As the twelve somehow represented restored Israel, so they represented Israel under the new covenant. No more need be said at this point, but we will return to the passage later (§17.5d[3]).

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