Crucifixus sub Pontio Pilato

From very early days the Apostles' Creed jumped at once from Jesus' birth to his suffering and death — natus ex Maria virgine, passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus et sepultus ('born from the Virgin Mary. suffered under Pontius Pilate. was crucified. dead. and buried'). Whatever the richer theological reasoning behind the huge gap between Jesus' birth and death. the gap self reflected the difficulty of pinning down hard historical data to times and places within that gap. The same difficulty has meant that the last five chapters have been little concerned to locate and sequence Jesus' doings and teachings. For the same reason I had to leave open the question whether Jesus visited Jerusalem during the years of his Galilean mission. and if so how often

But with the last few days of Jesus' mission we begin to feel firmer ground under foot. For the sources which deal with the subject are in complete agreement: the climax of Jesus' mission was a (final) visit to Jerusalem. and he was executed there. probably at Passover 30

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