Worship God In Spirit

God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit.

We used to think that worship of God had to do with what we SAID -- but we discovered that it was soulish worship, not spiritual. Then we thought we could worship God by what we DO -- but discovered that it was worship with our body. Then we discovered that we worship God with the INNER FEELINGS of our heart - and that is spiritual worship.

If God was a statue then we could worship Him with positions or motions of our body and He would be pleased and respond -- because statues are in the physical realm. If God was a thought or a great mind then we could worship Him with a beautifully composed poem, song or prayer -- but they are in the realm of the psyche (mind).

But God is a spirit and we worship Him by the feelings of our inner man of the heart, which is our spirit.

To carry the story a little further, notice that the law of Moses involves rules for soul and body, but the rules Jesus gave for worship involve spirit. (Actually, the laws of Moses also contained rules for spirit. But they were ignored by the Pharisees -- so Jesus called attention to them.)

Regarding the difference between spirit, soul and body -- we recommend our book THE THIRD SALVATION.

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