Whom Do You Serve

We will not be any happier or closer to God striving to please men, to keep their standards, not God's. We should now pay attention to Jesus, not Moses, and/or men.

Jesus told us, "if ye love me, keep MY commandments" -- not Moses' (John 14:15).

■ ' yAuJ'r'fc. fcfr'_^_|Do not let anyone confuse you by making you think that their rules will bring you closer to God. Keeping men's rules will bring favor with men -- not God. However, God is pleased when you keep weaker men from stumbling by submitting to their temporal rules. Naturally, those weak men think their rules are God's rules.

Colossians and Ephesians were written to tell us that we should not go back to the law. Judaizers (those who mix law and grace) want to put Christians back under Moses. Circumcision was the main New Testament argument, but it could be many other things besides circumcision that they want you to do nowadays because they want you to conform to Moses' and their standards.

We are presently under Jesus, and we are to pay attention to His words, not Moses'. Moses' law will put us under condemnation and death.

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