where you are better fed. It might be though, that other members of your family (or society) want to stay -- in that case you will have to decide if pleasing them is more or less important than being well fed yourself.

If you are a waiter, you will have to decide if providing your own service to the present community is more or less important than meeting your own needs of being well fed yourself. Your local leaders may not be pleased with your actions as a waiter or waitress. You may soon be fired! Or perhaps they are just getting ready to phase you out of your job and replace you with someone else who can better conform to their standards. In that case you should get ready to leave.

There are exceptions, of course, where the Holy Spirit would have you stay -- but I don't believe it would be for long. If anyone seems to be contentious about the above advice -- just remember that we are not setting it up as a final rule -- it is only a general recommendation.

But wait a minute! God is not through with the church just because you are. You may be fed up with things there because they have rejected you and your ideas about what God is continuously revealing. You may even think they have rejected the move of the Holy Spirit because you are convinced that the Holy Spirit is leading you -- and the church rejected what you tried to bring them.

Just remember, the Bible said the Holy Spirit will lead the Sons of God -- not the structured church! The Bible shows that the organized church will be led by its organization and officers (Eph. 4:11), but individual people (Sons of God) should be led by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:14).

After you have been rejected by your church society -- the purpose of the church is not over. It is just over for you -- not the other people. There are some good people there who have not received your revelation yet. The denominational church is your mother. After she has given you birth do not turn around and kill her just because she does not like some of the things you have recently begun to like.

There is a symbolic story in the book of Revelation which illustrates this point. Even if you have been taught that the symbols mean something else --try it this new way. If you do not like this symbolic interpretation -- do not let that ruin the point of this story. Extend yourself in order to find out what I am trying to say.

In Revelation Chapter 12, there is a story about a woman. I believe she symbolized the "earth" church. That is what people normally consider the church to be. Her purpose is to be pregnant and bring forth a man child. The man child receives supernatural provision soon after birth. The Devil's purpose is to destroy the child because he knows the wonderful destiny of this Son of God. When I say "Son of God" I do not mean "The Son of God, Jesus." I am thinking of the many-membered company of people called "Sons of God" in the Bible.

The purpose of the church is to give life to these people. But notice after the church brings forth the Sons of God, then the Devil persecutes the church. The Devil realizes he cannot destroy the son so he turns in rage on the mother. God does not allow the Devil (dragon) to devour the (mother) church.

Allow me to emphasize that God never intends for the church to be destroyed. He always has a purpose and a place for her. Even when she is hiding in the wilderness she is in God's will. God will never get rid of the church.

The church is still around in the last chapters of Revelation. God makes provision for the church to hide from the Devil and the church is protected by the earth. I believe this is the reason the present "earth" church uses so many earthly, worldly systems for its provision. I'm thinking of contests, advertising, suppers, bingo, etc.

Do not think I'm finding fault with these things. It is prophesied the church must use them to keep alive. But notice that is all she does -- just keep alive. Her real purpose is to be pregnant and bring forth the Sons of God.

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