Th Century

The next century produced Martin Luther and John Calvin. These men started the Reformation which was by no means a complete reformation, but at least it was a start.

I have always felt it was unfortunate that the two opposing factions were named Catholics and Protestants. It seems to me that a more descriptive name would have been "Roman Catholics" to indicate that group believed they should take direction from Rome. The other name should have been "Bible Catholics" rather than Protestants to indicate that group felt their direction should come from their own understanding of what the Bible said. The word Protestant seems negative and destructive to me. The words "Bible Catholic" seem constructive and positive.

Really, both groups are Catholic in the literal sense of the word in that they are a part of the "universal" church. Roman Catholic people believe the final authority rests in Rome. But Eastern Orthodox Catholics disagree and believe the authority is in Constantinople. Armenian Catholics disagree and believe the final authority rests with their prelate who lived recently in Jerusalem. Coptic Catholics say no. Their final authority is in Cairo. Protestants say the final authority is in the Bible and then argue among themselves saying their own interpretation is right and that other Protestant groups are wrong.

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