Th Century

The twentieth century's main product has been the Pentecostal Movement and from it has come the Charismatic Movement. Pentecostals emphasize freedom of the Holy Spirit controlled by law. Charismatics change law to love for their rules.

Each revival denomination embraced the then-revealed truth but later became organized. After each group was organized it could no longer expand to contain a new truth.

So God raised another group and the process repeated. As each truth was revealed in revival, God raised men up to take it to the world. Naturally, the men kept close contact with each other. This contact usually resulted in a magazine which became published periodically and that resulted in conventions and those produced closely knit groups. The groups started schools. The schools produced stereo-typed preachers and another denomination was born!

A friend of mine asked the question, "Well, what is the definition of a denomination?" Another friend quipped, "A denomination is a tombstone to a past revival." By the time it is organized, it is hard, unmovable, unyielding but on the positive side, it is very firm in its presentation, and it proves there used to be some life there.

In Bible language the concept of being firm is described as an old wineskin bottle. Jesus said he could not put new wine in old wineskin bottles.

We believe this is the reason that God raises up new denominations as soon as the last one is too hard. If our belief is right, it indicates the Christian who wants to progress must become a part of each revival denomination but must also be flexible enough to embrace the new truth as soon as it is proven. This implies that it may be necessary to change denominations in order to pursue the search for truth. Time will tell if we are right but we think history confirms the idea.

Catholics were violent toward Lutherans. Lutherans were violent toward Anabaptists. Anabaptists were violent toward Puritans. Puritans passed laws against Methodists. Methodists persecuted Pentecostals. I do not think we can expect anything new along this line!

Jesus did not say He came to make us all members of the same denomination. He did not even come to bring us together. Rather He said He came to bring a sword of division among the people (Luke 12:51).

A preacher said the new move that was occurring down the street was from the Devil because it brought division among the people. We wonder if he would say the same thing about Jesus, because Jesus said "Suppose ye that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division. For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided three against two" (Luke 12:51-52).

We suspect this would be a very hard point to understand if you were building your own work (church denomination) rather than the Kingdom of God.


God gave us another example of the fact that He wants us to leave the law of Moses and start paying attention to His grace and the love of Jesus Christ in Matthew 17. We find that Jesus took Peter, James and John apart to a high mountain. A voice from out

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