Smoking Flax

There is another side to this story. Let's look at it! In addition to bruising a reed, God also sets fire to flax cloth. After God sets fire to the flax, some people throw water on the burning cloth to try to put it out, out of sympathy for the old system. But they should leave it alone and let the smoking flax burn. Do not set fire to it, but once God starts the death process by crumbling and burning of a kingdom (denomination, work, etc.) do not try to keep it from being burned up (destroyed).

It is wrong to set the fire yourself but some people spend time and money to try to keep a religious group alive which God has started to burn. It is proper to give your testimony a reasonable number of times in an unobtrusive way -- but after it is constantly rejected, it is time to decide the place is burning. Some believe they can straighten out the group or get it back on its feet again, but they should leave it alone if it is burning.

After you have given a clear, courteous and firm testimony about your continuous revelation, and it becomes obvious that your friends have rejected God's moving -- then take your testimony to someone who will receive it. Make sure, of course, you have done a good job trying to help them before you leave (Acts 13:46).

If you are thinking about a group of Christians and wondering if they are "smoking flax" then ask yourself these questions. Do they hold to old traditions of men? Were they once very beautiful and useful but are they now starting to get ugly by condemning other people because of their own rules, not God's rules? Can they see what God is presently doing or do they specialize in what God did a long time ago? Do they constantly talk about the founders of their own denomination, and what they said -- or are they on the lookout for something new? Do not be too quick to act, but if the pattern is clear, then clear out.

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