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Now what if she would tell everybody in her church that magazines are terrible; they are sin to her, and sin to everyone else? Should they pass a church law that nobody can read them anymore? Can they rightly do that? Often churches and denominations do things just like that. Just because those magazines are sin to that lady, it does not indicate they are sin to everyone else. Another woman can have them in her home, scan them over, and pick out something that is useful, a good recipe perhaps, and fix something real nice for her husband that night.

Is that sin? Well I hope not!

What is sin to one person might be a blessing to another (Rom. 14:14 and Colossians 2:16-23). If we are not careful, we will apply our standard of holiness to someone else. By the same token, watch out for simple things like magazines, which could be sin in your own life. Now there are some things that are just plain sin, and we are not talking about those. They are well defined in the Bible.

As an example, someone might come along and say, "Oh, that bad movie! Did you see how terrible it was? Our denomination says that movies are all right. I don't believe that; let's form a new church (denomination)." The same type example could be used about many ideas concerning what is right or wrong. We are not discussing if movies are right or wrong. We are showing how men's standards of holiness get started.

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