We are likely to discover we are really pleasing men when we thought we were trying to please God. We become men-pleasers rather than God-pleasers, as we seek to find favor with God by keeping denominational rules.

It's all right to please men -- in fact the Bible teaches us to do it. But we must recognize the difference between pleasing men and pleasing God. Romans Chapter 14 teaches us that we should submit ourselves to the temporal rules that men make as long as we are with them so that we do not become a stumbling block to them -- because the Bible calls the ones who have rules "weak in the faith" (Rom. 14:1-2).

However, many leaders teach that their rules are God's rules -- that is a big mistake! But you must remember that if a man teaches that -- then he is your weaker brother and you must keep his rules while

you are around him to keep him from stumbling -- but when you are away from him you may keep God's rules (Rom. 14:22). In other words, if you are in a Christian group that teaches "Fish on Friday" you are obligated to refrain from meat on Friday, as long as you are with them. You cannot successfully serve Moses and Jesus at the same time.

Little by little our religious "churchy" attitudes have made us serve more and more of Moses and/or the commandments and traditions of men, while all along we thought we were serving God.

We thought we were serving Jesus when we really were serving men and men's standards (Mark 7:6-8).

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