Let God Bruise The Reed

Let God bruise that group. After a while the storm of life will blow on the bruised reed and it will break. Let God complete the job -- not you! Do not go back and try to hurt or harm that group. Do not say anything against them. You have more important things to do. God wants to pour more wine into you. Take care of your own wineskin, and let God use you. He wants to make you into a king and a priest (Rev. 1:6, I Pet. 2:8-9). You are going to come into your kingship -- you are coming to your throne. You cannot afford to lose it now. You are too close to the goal.

Why would you go back and have a fight with Saul (the old king--group you were in)? Yes, Saul makes life very uncomfortable. But God will deal with Saul and the old realm, and we have to let them alone.

You should be able to apply this lesson every day of your life because you will be moving on in God's truth and you will have constant contact with other people who will not. You have no right to condemn them. You have no right to hurt them in any way. Let God bruise them as it pleases Him. You keep your hands off.

Follow this concept and it will keep you out of trouble. You are wrong if you go back and try to break the reed which is an attempt to put an end to that ministry or work. You should give your testimony and if it is rejected then keep your hands off those people and go about your own business.

God bruised them; He will break them. Do not try to change the timing of the will of God. You might even get bruised yourself if you try to interfere! They might not be as bruised as you think. They might really straighten up! Try a few of these thoughts on them to see what happens.


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