John Was Not

Jesus did not hurt or help John because John was a bruised reed and smoking flax. John was an old garment which was worn out. I am not finding fault with John the Baptist. He did what he was supposed to do; what he was created to do. Those groups are also doing what they were created to do. John was a vessel created unto a certain type of honor and that is exactly what he got. But since Jesus could not patch or fix John, He had to let him go. You too, must let go of that old move of God no matter how great it was. You must, if you are going to move in Christ as He continuously reveals His will for the present situations.

The old garment is likened unto the law. The law was good and served a good purpose. When it was new it was like a beautiful new garment. Now it is old and cannot be patched up. The old garment (law) must be discarded and replaced with the new garment of love (New Testament).

ye shall abide in my LOVE" (John 15:10).

Jesus said, "If ye keep MY commandments,

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