John In Prison

Jesus allowed Herod to cut off John's head. It does not seem fair! The story is in Matthew 14:1-14.

The answer to this dilemma is in Matthew 12:20, a prophecy of Isaiah concerning Jesus. It says: "A bruised REED (John) shall He (Jesus) not break." This points to Matthew 11:7 which likened John unto a REED. Continuing..."Smoking FLAX (John) shall He (Jesus) not quench," which is in line with the scripture, Matthew 11:8, which refers to John as CLOTH (flax). SYMBOLS DECODED

Thus, it symbolically indicates: A bruised reed (John--Old Testament--Moses' law) shall He (Jesus) not break, and smoking flax (John--Old Testament--Moses' Law) shall He (Jesus) not quench, till He (Jesus) send forth judgment (Old Testament law) unto victory (grace of the New Testament - through Jesus Christ).

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