Jesus Brought A Higher

Moses says when you meet a woman who has been taken in the act of adultery -- you stone her (Lev. 20:10 and John 8:5-11). But what did Jesus say to her? "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more" (John 8:11). By not providing the condemnation and the punishment which the law demanded, Jesus himself broke Moses' law but He fulfilled it with a higher law -- the law of love.

Jesus is moving us out from the law of Moses and now He is putting forth judgment unto victory (Matt. 12:20). He is going to take judgment (Old Testament law) and turn it into victory (New Testament love); because Moses brings accusation, condemnation, and finally death.

Jesus brings life, love, righteousness, peace, joy, release, freedom, liberty, and glory. Praise God! This is not license to sin: it is God's higher law. "I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness came by the law, then Christ is dead in vain" (Gal. 2:21).

We have noticed there are some Christians who cannot tell the difference between the higher law Jesus gave to us and the former law Moses brought. Furthermore, they also seem blinded by the rules of the society in which they live.

First of all we must see that since Jesus Christ covered our past sins with His blood, there is no condemnation from the old law. In other words, as far as the past is concerned, it is over with and forgiven in God's sight -- but not forgiven or forgotten as far as men are concerned. You see, as far as God is concerned every Christian stands perfectly clean from every sin of the past. This is referred to as no condemnation for the past.

Therefore each one of us is approved by God at the present. In other words, we are all OK before Him the way we are right now, assuming that our past has been covered by Jesus' blood. And our future is bright and good because He is the God of another chance. He will give us a target to shoot for and the strength and accuracy to hit it. You see, where there is no vision, the people perish; but God gives us all a vision of a better tomorrow.

The past is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and there is no condemnation from the law of Moses because of it. The present is OK because we are all now free from the sin of our past. The future is bright and better because our God is giving us another chance and the power to do better in the future.

But the concept of no condemnation for past sin is not approval of present sin. Great error has been introduced in some places because of a misunderstanding of this point. You see God does not want us to continue in sin. He gave us a better tomorrow and he covered our past so we can live without condemnation today.

This is not license to sin. It is God's grace and covering for sin.

These are the new laws that Jesus gave to Christians. They are the only commandments Jesus gave to us:

1.) Watch for the return of the Son of Man (Mark 13:34)

3.) When we minister we are to preach and teach that:

A. Jesus was ordained of God

B. Jesus brings remission of sins to believers (Acts 10:41-43)

A complete study of these new laws is given in the back of this book.

Remember...these are the only commands Jesus gave to those who follow Him. Any other commands we follow are because we are following someone else.

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