God Moves On

The Bible tells us what to do when God moves on, when the Holy Spirit leaves the old lay-order (Old Testament. old church group or denomination) and inhabits the new.

When God begins to bruise the reed, you should not help Him harm it. Conversely, when God sets fire to the former thing, do not help it by trying to put out the fire. Instead, let it burn. "A bruised reed shall He not break and smoking flax shall He not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory" (Matt. 12:20).

Jesus did not break something that was hurt - neither did he put out the fire in something that was burning.

amount of time in the training of a single denomination it is easy to see how you could get the idea that your group had the last word on everything.

It is also easy to see that you will never get any further until you visit some other places to see what is going on there. It is also easy to see why some church leaders preach fear into the souls of their people to keep them from looking around.

If you had spent a major

Wtoai do yov see rabbit ov dock?

Some people see a rabbit. Some see a duck. Both are right. However, it is a great relief to be able to see both sides: Church issues are sort of the same way. Some people see law and some see grace in the very same Bible passage. Some people feel the Bible indicates they should stick it out with the old system. Others believe the same passages are telling them to move on to newly revealed truth.

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