Do Not Break A Bruised Reed

The lesson is becoming clearer: no one should touch or harm the thing they have come out of. It does not matter how bruised or hurt it is. No one is allowed to touch or harm it. God used it. He developed us in it. He brought us from it. Why would any one want to go back and "kill" it? The truth is, we must not. We must leave it alone. If God has already bruised it, He will break it in His own time. But he may not be ready yet. He may have others in the old system (denomination, group, etc.) who are ready to come out. Why then should any one go back and hurt the group? Why not get in step with God and let God completely break the reed when it pleases Him?

Jesus said, "These things I command you, that ye love (not hurt) one another" (John 15:17).

Also, do not get the "big head" because you are becoming mature in Jesus and you are able to experience the freedom, love and mercy of God in being led (or brought) by the Holy Spirit not by the law of Moses. Remember what God said concerning those who could not see what you see. "As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes, but as touching the election they are beloved for the fathers' sakes. For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Even so have these also now not believed that through YOUR MERCY they also may obtain mercy" (Rom. 11:28-32).

Love them and grant them mercy.


King David knew this lesson. He was anointed to be king when he was only twelve years old, but Saul was still on the throne. The anointing had changed. Saul had lost the anointing and David received it (I Sam. 15:26, I Sam. 16:13) But David did not have the kingdom yet. After several years David had Saul at his mercy but he never touched Saul, knowing full well that he had the physical power and chance to kill Saul. David knew he was going to be the king, but he avoided hurting Saul, God's former anointed, although that reed (Saul) was bruised (lost the anointing).

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