Are You The Christ

Jesus let John die. John said, "Are you the one that should come?" (Matt.11:3). He should have said, "Jesus is the Christ." Even though he was the greatest Old Testament prophet, he did not accept Jesus as His Lord and Savior. He once said, "There is the Lamb of God" and then later asked, "Are you the one we look for or do we look for another?" You see, John did not understand. His wineskin was too stiff. John saw Jesus doing things like going into the houses of publicans and sinners and John believed that Moses' law could not allow such things. So he sent his disciples to ask Jesus if He really was the Christ.

John could not figure it out. At first he thought Jesus was the Christ (Messiah), but what Jesus did later did not conform to the law. Moses and John went the way of all Old Testament flesh. Jesus, knowing that God had made John a broken reed, never did anything to hurt him. But Jesus did not help him get out of prison, either, and that is what most Christians cannot understand. Let the former thing alone and do not try to save a ministry, group or denomination which is really smoking flax -- do not save it with your effort, time, money, etc.. after you have determined that it really is smoking flax.

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