SOME of the Errors in the Holy Bible the Torah and the Gospels

Exposing the Holy Bible to a routine process of revisions, and thereby publishing and selling new editions of the Bible, has become a really prolific source of trade. Each and every European family keeps a copy of the Holy Bible [the Old and New Testaments] in their home, no matter whether the family members believe in it or not. As a matter of fact, most European villagers read no other book than the Holy Bible, which is the only book they know. The cultural level of the European people is not as high as we think it is. Those who live in villages know how to read and write, but they are quite unaware of what is going on in the world. They read only the Holy Bible. Consequently, every new (revised) edition of the Holy Bible is printed in millions of copies and earns its publishers millions of pounds yearly. Then, no other job can yield more profit than does the regular job of revising and publishing the Holy Bible yearly.

In the meantime, the Western periodicals provide a stimulus to the activity with repeated warnings: "There are errors in the Holy Bible." They contain serious articles written by well-known scientists and theologians which you would read with consternation. An example of them follows:

Now you will say, "How can the Word of Allahu ta'ala be mistranslated? How can the Word of Allahu ta'ala be corrected by human beings? How can the Book of Allahu ta'ala be subjected to a revision? A book that has undergone so many alterations and corrections can never be the Word of Allahu ta'ala." In fact, if you read the following comments in the introduction to the Anglican Bible revised a second time in 1971, your consternation will reach a zenith. The clerical commission who did the last revision make the following remarks: "... Stylistically, the version of the Holy Bible prepared under the command of King James is extremely perfect. It can be accepted as the highest work of art in the English literature. We regret to say, however, that the book contains such serious errors as should be definitely corrected."

Only think! An ecclesiastical group make a commission, find a number of SERIOUS errors in a book that has been believed to be the 'Word of Allah' from 1020 [1611 C.E.] to 1391 [1971] in England, and decide that these errors must definitely be put to right!

Who on earth would believe that that book is the 'Word of Allah'? The following is a humorous anecdote told by a person who has held debates with Christian theologians and scientists on the Christian tenets and the Bible and who has proved that they were interpolated. That person relates as follows:

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