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Objection 9 Isnt Reincarnation More Rational Than Hell

Instead, they believe in reincarnation, where people return to this world in another form after their death and are given another opportunity to work off the bad karma they generated in their past life and move toward enlightenment. Wouldn't reincarnation be a rational way for a loving God to give people a fresh start so that they might repent the next time around and he wouldn't have to send them to hell I asked. Wouldn't this be preferable to hell Yes, I said, but isn't there evidence for reincarnation-specifically, individuals who have memories of prior lives or even speak in languages that they wouldn't otherwise know I think the evidence for reincarnation is weak for several reasons, he said. For example, it's incoherent. Let me give you an illustration of why. The number two is essentially even. If you were to tell me you're contemplating the number two but it's an odd number, I would tell you, 'You may be thinking about three or five, but you...


The Experience People who have dreams of past lives or who are able to remember details of past lives under hypnotism. These details often contain information that the person could not have know by natural means. The Hook The Lie is that people have past lives, and that their souls are reborn into other people after they die.

All Under The Authority Of The Great White Brotherhood

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has emphatically made a big issue that she is following orders from the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood is the same group that Bailey, H.P.B., the Rosicrucians and the Esoteric Masons follow. Note, they are following the same authority. The Masonic Book Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, (1907) written based on information from the highest Masonic authorities, states on pg. 79, THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE. 114 The Ancient Wisdom Religion is the Thread-soul' on which are strung all the various incarnations and encasements of the religious life, Begotten by that Spiritual Hierarchy the Great White Brotherhood in whose guardianship is the evolution of the human race The next page tells how the Great White Brotherhood is known in Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry as the 11th degree. (Is this a Blind ) Students of the Supreme Initiation will see The Beautiful Philosophy of Initiation, by the Count M. de St. Vincent. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has no...

Sources of Pluralistic Thought Greece and India

The rich Indian imagination has created a vast number of gods and goddesses whose incarnations and exploits are the subjects of fantastic tales The Hindu knows that all these gods are creations of the mind, mythical images representing the many faces of reality. On the other hand, he or she also knows that they were not merely created to make the stories more attractive, but are essential vehicles to convey the doctrines rooted in the mystical experience.

Phronesis in Gadamer Ricoeur and Bernstein

Hence, Gadamer rehabilitated the role of prejudices (to be understood in the sense of pre-judgments shaped by one's traditions) in the understanding process. He rejected the Enlightenment, positivistic, and scientistic idea that we should suppress our pre-judgments in order to understand something (Gadamer 1982 235-53). To fully comprehend, however, the role of pre-judgment in understanding, it is also important to grasp Gadamer's two concepts of effective history and classics. For Gadamer, the past is not simply a dead event that happened long ago. The past lives on in tradition, culture, and institutions, to shape the contemporary experience of societies and individuals (1982 267). Persons and groups may not be very conscious of how this is so, but in a variety of silent ways, the past lives on in present experience. When we attempt to understand some text, event, or monument of the past, we do so from a stance of having been already influenced by that which we are now trying to...

Doctrine of Permutation

In the very first remark made by Jesus about John the Baptist, we find him stating that he is Elias, which was for to come. This assertion, if it is not a later interpolation for the sake of having a prophecy fulfilled, means again that Jesus was a kabalist unless indeed we have to adopt the doctrine of the French spiritists and suspect him of believing in reincarnation. Except the kabalistic sects of the Essenes, the Nazarenes, the disciples of Simeon Ben Iochai, and Hillel, neither the orthodox Jews, nor the Galileans, believed or knew anything about the doctrine of permutation. And the Sadducees rejected even that of the resurrection. But this doctrine of permutation, or revolutio, must not be understood as a belief in reincarnation. That Moses was considered the transmigration of Abel and Seth, does not imply that the kabalists those who were initiated at least believed that the identical spirit of either of Adam's sons reappeared under the corporeal form of Moses. It only shows...

Origin Meaning Morality Destiny

Buddha's answer on the question of morality does not cohere with his answer concerning origins. You see, Buddhism is technically nontheistic, if not atheistic. But if there was no Creator, from where does one arrive at a moral law Or consider the Hindu version of reincarnation. If every birth is a rebirth, and if every life pays for the previous life, then what were you paying for in your first birth You see-incoherence dominates.

Ten Mythical Avatars of Vishnu

This avatar has not yet occurred. It is expected in the future, like the Christian Advent, the idea of which was undoubtedly copied from the Hindu. When Vishnu appears for the last time he will come as a Saviour. According to the opinion of some Brahmans he will appear himself under the form of the horse Kalki. Others maintain that he will be mounting it. This horse is the envelope of the spirit of evil, and Vishnu will mount it, invisible to all, till he has conquered it for the last time. The Kalki-Avataram, or the last incarnation, divides Brahmanism into two sects. That of the Vaihnava refuses to recognize the incarnations of their god Vishnu in animal forms literally. They claim that these must be understood as allegorical. In this diagram of avatars we see traced the gradual evolution and transformation of all species out of the ante-Silurian mud of Darwin and the ilus of Sanchoniathon and Berosus. Beginning with the Azoic time, corresponding to the ilus in which Brahma...

Franco Ferrucci The Life of God as Told by Himself 1996

Intention of taking all of you anywhere. I expect you to help me understand where I come from and where I am going. 29 Furthermore, the cosmos exists so that this orphan deity can chase after love. God, we're told through another of his incarnations (this time as the illegitimate son of an aristocratic mother in the years of the French Revolution), is a bastard God himself is a bastard, excessively so. He comes from nowhere, he does not know his parents, he has all the qualities and defects of the self-made person. He must be rather like myself, I mused trusting, sincere, never satisfied with himself, never keeping quiet, always running after love. 30 This exercise in autobiography, this Book of Ferrucci, is God's report to us that the whole sweep of creation has one sole purpose -divine therapeutic self-discovery.31

Caritas The Augustinian Synthesis of Biblical Agape and Hellenistic Eros

Insight into Augustine's development is provided by his Confessions, written between 397 and 401, after becoming a priest. Augustine felt he had to assess himself, and he did this by interpreting his past life as it led to his conversion. The Confessions are Augustine's effort to find himself. His conversion alone was not enough to sustain him. He had to work through his emotions regarding the death of his mother, for example, and reached the conclusion that the idealized figure who had haunted his youth was finally just an ordinary person, a sinner like himself. Augustine could have cut himself off from his past - a not unusual reaction to a conversion experience. Instead he called on his memory to understand his present. He dealt specifically with his feelings in relation to his personal growth and the nature of human motivation. Hence his account of stealing a pear is his paradigm for the sinful human condition. One would think that a cosmopolitan person like Augustine could have...

Inquisition today the case of Allegro77

Doubt and confusion had been planted in reader's minds, and Allegro's credibility seriously impugned by the allegations. Most readers were not in a position to see the subtle game that was being played. Then the mighty Church propaganda machine took over. Articles began to appear in Catholic-controlled magazines and newspapers attacking not only Allegro, but also Edmund Wilson and Dupont-Sommer. One of the authors went so far as to claim that the Scrolls add next to nothing to our knowledge of the origins of Christianity or even Judaism The amazing thing is that the author of this article was not a Biblical scholar, had no competence to study the Scrolls, let alone express opinions about their contents. These were the modern-day incarnations of 'princes of ignorance' that had presumed to judge Galileo.

The Uniqueness of the Incarnation

Swinburne's point about theistic expectation of an incarnation would lead one to suppose that the idea of a divine incarnation or indeed of divine incarnations would have occurred elsewhere in the history of theistic religions. And, of course, it has, most notably, though not exclusively, in the avatar doctrine of Vaishnavite Hinduism, the most striking feature of which is the alleged fact of many incarnations, animal as well as human, of the god, Vishnu. The data are surveyed most accessibly in Geoffrey Parrinder's Avatar and Incarnation. Ninian Smart goes so far as to speak of the incarnation strand in the history of religions. Most Christian philosophers, however, have tended to stress the difference between the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation and Hindu avatar beliefs. Thus Keith Ward writes 'The avatars of Vishnu do not suffer the limitations of having a real human nature.' They are appearances, manifestations ofthe supreme reality. The same point If this is right, and...

Annotated Bibliography of Books on Theology and Popular Culture

Religion in Popular Culture (New York Routledge, 2001). The contributors to this collection have agreed, according to the editors, on a Geertzian conception of religion, meaning that when certain markers are present, a terrain worthy of religious analysis has been entered. These markers include the formation of communities of shared meanings and values, the presence of ritualized behaviors, the use of language of ultimacy and transcendence, the marking of special, set-aside 'sacred' times and spaces, and the manipulation of traditional religious symbols and narratives. A persistent idea throughout these essays is that myths, rituals, moralities, and our sense of sacred time and place - all things that were hatched and incubated in traditional religions - have been dislocated and are reasserting themselves in popular music, sports, festivals, television shows, movies, cyberspace and amusement parks. We can't seem to shake them, given their proven record at lending our lives meaning -...

Worldwide Phenomenon

Millenarian visions have been a global phenomenon. Secret societies which have continued the Ancient Mystery religion, have believed in the pagan idea of cycles, and reincarnation, which has as a part of its system of thought the revolution back to a Golden Age. The Pagan religious concepts of a Golden Age (the term is nowhere in the Bible but often in Classical Greek and Ancient Egyptian literature) have been easy to promote in Christendom, because of their close affinity to the Christian scriptures.

The Funeral Dirge And Procession

Another form of music with pagan roots is the funeral dirge. It was brought into the Christian church in the early third century. As one scholar put it, The pagan cult of the dead was too much a part of the past lives of many Christians, formerly pagans, for them simply to be able to replace pagan dirges and funeral music with Psalmody.'

Transmigration of Souls

Reincarnation, or transmigration of souls, is a doctrine of the Cabala generally. Failing to wash off the demons of the hands may turn one into a river, says the Jewish Encyclopedia under Transmigration of Souls. The theory is the cause of much degradation in Hinduism. In the Cabala, each soul corresponds to a part of the body of the Adam Kadmon universe, some being lower organs, some higher. The dibbuk or possessing spirit who can only be expelled by a Baal Shem wonderworker came into the Jewish press recently (1955) when a dibbuk is alleged to have been seen leaving the body of its unwilling host. Jewish press publications all carried the report.

This New Age Leader Says Masonry Is The Universal Religion

For all who knew Him in earlier incarnations in the ancient East, all whom He cured or taught, all who contacted Him or in any way incurred karma with Him or with the Master Jesus, will have the opportunity to cooperate at this time. Each sincere aspirant who is closely connected with the present Church organisations, who feels a close link with the Christ and who loves Him, can be practically sure that in Palestine they saw Him, knew Him and mayhap served and loved Him.

Denying an Objective Standard

Reincarnation, karma Salvation is a multi-lifetime process of progression or digression.67 New Age humanism makes its leap of being from mere man to god through raising the state of consciousness, evolutionary development, reincarnation, or some combination of the three. Reincarnation has been popularized over the years through the writ ings of Edgar Cayce68 and most recently, Shirley MacLaine. The Eastern variety of reincarnation would never have been accepted in the Christian West if it had not been stripped of the hideous concept of the transmigration of the soul. Reincarnation as it is usually understood in Hinduism states that all life is essentially one (monism) plant, animal, and human life are so interrelated that souls are capable of transmigrating from one form of life to another. A person could have been an animal, plant, or mineral in some previous existence. This version, however, is unpalatable to American tastes, so the movement of human souls is in the newer version...

The Arrogance Of Christianity

As for Buddhism, it was born when Gautama Buddha rejected two fundamental assertions of Hinduism the ultimate authority of the Vedas, which are their scriptures, and the caste system. Hinduism itself is absolutely uncompromising on two or three issues the law of karma, which is the law of moral cause and effect, so that every birth is a rebirth that makes recompense for the previous life the authority of the Vedas and reincarnation.

Difference and hierarchy the pseudoDenys

Hierarchy is ineradicable from the earliest classical formulations of negative theology they are born twins in their first incarnations. And if not the first, then certainly the most influential of those incarnations in Western Christian thought must be that found in the pseudo-Denys' Mystical Theology. For the pseudo-Denys a hierarchy is a differentiated structure of differences. Thus, in the fourth and fifth chapters of that work he describes a hierarchy of differentiated denials - denials, that is, of all the names of God. Those names, to use a later, medieval, metaphor, form a ladder, ascending from the lowest 'perceptual' names - 'God is a rock, is immense, is light, is darkness ' - derived as metaphors from material objects - to the very highest, 'proper' or 'conceptual' names of God 'God is wise and wisdom, good and goodness, beautiful and beauty, exists and existence'. All these names the pseudo-Denys negates one by one as he progresses up the scale of language until at the...

The Sixth Interview J P Moreland

Moreland's book, Beyond Death Exploring the Evidence for Immortality, showed that he had done a lot of thorough thinking and personal soul-searching about the doctrine of hell. He and coauthor Gary Habermas also delved into the nature of the soul, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and the theology of heaven.

The Good News of the Bride

We re all more in touch with the Spirit and our soul of light as little chi'dren, for the taith and light are innate to the human soul, albeit obscured through habitual patterns in consciousness we may manifest from previous incarnations. Born into an unenlightened family and unenlightened society, however, we arc swiftly trained to develop an outer personality and life-display that typically doe not reflect the soul of light rhat is in us and, therefore, is inherently false. Our upbringing, environment, and education all contribute to the development of this outer self. Very few of us, if any, are taught from our earliest vouch to look inward and discover our inner or Christ self, let alone to bring it forth from within us. Thus, we identify ourselves only with the outer seif and surface consciousness, and become more and more immersed in unenlightened society and gross materialism. In effect, we become lost and live in exile from the Spirit and soul of light in us.

Concluding Unscientific Postscript

More often than not, artists are able vividly to portray and evoke what historians and theologians pile up words to express and attempt to explain. Nowhere, I think, has the banquet image been more beautifully portrayed than in Isak Dinesen's (Karen Blixen, 1885-1962) short story ''Babette's Feast'' and its much discussed film version. Babette, a famous Parisian chef, in flight for her life from a revolt that has killed her husband and son, is almost literally washed up upon a small Scandinavian village of Lutheran Pietists. Taken in by the daughters of the deceased pastor, Martine and Philippa (named for the Reformers Martin Luther and Philipp Mel-anchthon), Babette becomes their maid. After 14 years in the community of aging Pietists, the faithful remnant of the pastor's ministry, Babette learns she has won 10,000 francs in the French lottery. When the daughters contemplate commemorating the 100th anniversary of their father's birth, Babette convinces them to allow her to prepare a...

Ethiopianism myth and memory

Ethiopianism was a movement with many strands. It was rooted in the Bible specifically in the passage in Psalm 68 31 that prophesied that 'Princes shall come out of Egypt Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.' The prophetic reading of this passage is traced to African Americans who in the golden age of black nationalism from 1850 to 1925 crafted an empowering exegesis around this passage. It has inspired generations who refashioned it freely. The Ethiopian tradition sprang from certain shared political and religious experiences and found expression in slave narratives, the exhortations of conspiratorial slave preachers, folklore and the songs of slaves. After 1872, it moved beyond the nostalgia of prideful heritage to communal assertion. The intellectual origin may include the impact of European ideals filtered through American revolutionary rhetoric to inspire African Americans who returned to the motherland. The Christianity of the returnees, argues Sanneh, was stamped...

Do They Speak and Hear

Where, then, did the doctrine come from Most of us have heard about the soul that never dies from our earliest years of childhood. One thing is certain it did not originate in the Scriptures. The truth is that it came directly from pagan tradition and mythology. The ancient Chinese ancestor-worship was rooted in the belief that the soul did not die. Egyptian pyramid hieroglyphics reveal that the doctrine of a naturally immortal soul was basic to their worship of the sun god. In India, where I lived for years, the Hindus believe strongly in reincarnation and transmi

Death Education

Death education is another avenue through which certain favored spiritual influences have been infiltrating public schools. Tara Becker is a former student of Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado, the school where the horrible student-on-student mass murder occurred. At a pro-family conference in 1985, Becker told of her exposure to death education at Columbine. According to Jayne Schindler, a conference attendee, Tara explained that the subject of death was integrated into many of the courses at her high school. She said that death was made to look glamorous, that living was hard and that reincarnation would solve their problems. Students were told that they would always return to a much better life form. They would return to the Oversoul' and become like God.

Matthew Steenberg

This practice of memory, of drawing into the heart the redemptive work of God and making it alive and real to the present moment, is at the very centre of the human synergeia, or co-working, with God in the Church's liturgical life. It is 'in remembrance' of Christ, as he commanded, that the gifts of bread and wine become the very body and true blood of which the faithful partake,-14 it is in 'eternal memory' that the saints are ever alive and present to the faithful,-15 it is in 'remembering, therefore, this saving commandment and all that has come to pass for us - the cross, the tomb, the resurrection on the third day', that the faithful enter into the reality of these very things.16 This is memory in the sense not only of recollection, but of calling into the present experience of the human mind and heart - or nous - the reality of God's redeeming work. Through the communion with this God who is beyond time, the Church engages in the reality of the thing remembered. So the...

The dearly departed

As a teenager, Finch learned that she could haze her perception while walking among the graves, allowing her to see and interact with the dead who reside there. The realm of the dead in Reynolds's account is transient. At first they are leaden and restricted to their coffins, but as they tell their stories to each other - shedding their burdens and secrets - they lighten, gain in mobility, and eventually rise and fade to the next level of existence. The recently dead awaken in their graves, inevitably disappointed that there is no hullabaloo no saints waiting by walls of jasper, no harp music, no reincarnation into another body or life form. They are greeted by the Mediator and instructed You sleep in the coffin, you work in the air In life, you lived on just one shelf. Now you're on two. The one above life, the one below, to help you see where you've been. 23 Reynolds adds to this picture the revelation that it is the dead we have to thank for the change of seasons, the opening of...

Stories In History

Corto Maltese

Into a new earthly existence and the living one is dismissed into the cycle of rebirths. That the rank of the new existence is the fruit of the past existence, and that merits and failures are balanced against each other, manifests only that in the Asian understanding of suffering also the moral consciousness awakened. This can be proved in the various Asian religious systems of India and China, but even in European history. For by no means the doctrine of reincarnation is limited to Asia it counts today also in the western world a remarkable number of adherents, of course, with various kinds of arguments. The avoidance of a conclusive decision which we find in the process of reincarnation was mentioned before. Another attempt to dismiss all future prognostic is to be realized where people believe that everything is over with death. But even in those days when people think that they are permitted to dispose about everything, even about their own life, the question what comes after...

Moral Obligation

Consciousness of affirming the freedom of the will, that is, of power to will in accordance with moral obligation, or to refuse thus to will, is a necessary condition of the affirmation of obligation. For example, no man affirms, or can affirm, his obligation to undo all the acts of his past life, and to live his life over again. He cannot affirm himself to be under this obligation, simply because he cannot but affirm the impossibility of it. He cannot but affirm his obligation to repent and obey God in future, because he is conscious of affirming his ability to do this. Consciousness of the affirmation of ability to comply with any requisition, is a necessary condition of the affirmation of obligation to comply with that requisition. Then no moral agent can affirm himself to be under obligation to perform an impossibility.

Neolithic Culture

Originally been the tribal god of the Aztecs, the god of the daytime sky. But he was transformed into a god of war who came to counsel his people in the form of a hummingbird (animal epiphany), a hummingbird armed with shield, darts, and propellant. Tonatiuh-the sun-was the chief god of the firmament. Huitzilopochtli and Tezcolipoca (the god of the nightime sky) were his incarnations.

We Which Are Alive

This is a difficult and much debated passage. Paul was clearly implying that some of those Christians who were alive in his time would actually witness Christ returning at the end of the world. I believe Paul was actually describing reincarnation in this passage. Some Christians alive in his day would naturally witness Christ's return if reincarnation occurred. For a more detailed discussion of this controversial doctrine see the link on the home page to my reincarnation article.

The Holocaust

Today, men like CBS's Norman Lear (who is into humanism and the New Age) like to blame Christianity for the Holocaust. Lear's Sunday Dinner hero Ben is used in one scene to blame Christians for the Holocaust. The WT Society has been accusing Christians of the same for years.50 The truth is that many Christians opposed the Nazi regime and lost their life for it.51 The truth is that many Christians risked their lives to save Jews.52 The truth is that many Christians died in the Holocaust.53 Even Jewish sources will admit that many of the people rounded up as Jews, were not even Jews.54 The Nazis preferred to error on side of killing more than needed, rather than not enough.55 The truth is the Nazis did try a final solution, the Holocaust,56 and their new religion what is now known as the New Age religion, with its belief in reincarnation helped alliviate any guilt.57 The Truth is that much of what is shown the public about the

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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