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The Elements of Memory

Fast Memory Fundamentals Report teaches you how to eat the correct foods that help improve memory and what to avoid, 9 proven ways to improve your memory for a richer life, actually improve memory and have fun with it. You don't want to miss your chance to learn these techniques and best of all you can keep this, as my gift to you, even if you return the rest of your order! Advanced Memory Techniques by Andy Grey, a $17 value: Andy Grey's book from 2005 is destined to be a classic. I wish I had written it! So I did the next best thing I purchased resale rights to the book so that I could let my readers benefit. Assimilative Memory, a $17 value: This classic memory improvement book from the 19th century has been masterfully rendered in digital format so that you can benefit from the master skill-building exercises Larrowe formulated. Even a hundred years later, there are fantastic techniques in here I know you'll love.

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Flash Brain Anatomy

This course gives you access to a full online course and software to learn more about the brain than you ever thought possible in a short amount of time. This software contains detailed, 3D brain models, animations to display concepts, hundreds of educational courses, a neuroanatomy atlas, and compatibility with most web browsers. You will also have access to a full online suite of tutors. Neuroanatomy is one of the hardest parts of anatomy to learn, and learning the brain will really be a lot easier if you had a detailed model to base your knowledge off. This software makes the brain as simple as possible, while also giving you a way to learn it throughly. This model simplifies a very complex subject that most people struggle with Don't be one of the people that doesn't know what to do with the brain model! This course is designed to teach you everything about the brain while keeping the lessons manageable and learning at your own pace. More here...

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Neurological Origins of Myth and Religion

One of the intriguing questions that has arisen in contemporary life is whether the demand for religion is acquired, as described by anthropologists, or whether human brains are hardwired to embrace magic and religion. Did human brains evolve in their earliest physiology to adopt magic and religion Some scientists believe that religion, magic, and myth are part of the physiological makeup of human beings. Perhaps an early manifestation of this connection involved primitive, starving hunters who commonly hallucinated visions of their prey. Success in the hunt may then have been attributed to the vision, which may possibly have been augmented by its transcription into cave art, such as that found in Altimira or Lescaux. It is a growing claim by scientists and the popular press alike that biology buttresses moral behavior and the social utility of religion.16 According to this view, the human brain evolved in a manner that enhanced the probabilities of individual and group survival. If...

Sanctuary Outer Court Mid Brain Lower Brain

Images The Inside The Lower Brain

Neuroscientist Paul MacLean sees the human brain as really three brains. The first is made up largely of structures at the very top of the spinal stem. Because it resembles in some ways the total brain possessed by reptiles, this part of our brain is called reptilian in MacLean's terminology. Like the entire brain of a lizard or snake, it is mainly devoted to life support, such as the regulation breathing, heartbeat, and muscle movements, and to basic drives such as eating, mating, and self-protection.

God Reveals Himself

Being a relationship between different terms. In objective knowledge the self is the only active being it does the knowing it brings to bear upon its object the concepts and hypotheses in its mind. In experimentation it manipulates the object in evaluation it employs its own standard of measurement. To all the intents and purposes of the knower the object is a passive and dead thing. This is true even when objective knowledge is directed toward human individuals or communities. Human bodies cannot be regarded by such science as essentially different from other animal bodies, nor the latter as wholly distinct from inanimate bodies. The genius of the objective approach requires that no miracle or discontinuity be posited at the points where the inorganic merges into the organic, the vital into the mental and the mental into the moral. No distinction in kind is permissible between the methods whereby uniformity of behavior is discovered in the behavior of atoms or of thoughts. The most...

The Three Courts Of The Mind

The human brain has three major divisions. The large dome shaped cerebrum (the upper brain) is responsible for intelligence and reasoning and is unique to man. The smaller, somewhat spherical cerebellum (midbrain) helps to maintain balance and controls body movement. The cerebellum is present in animals. The medulla or pons is the lower brain and is responsible for maintaining respiration and is a gateway for electrical impulses to and from the body via the 31 spinal cord nerves. This lower brain is sometimes called the reptilian brain, because it is the only brain configuration present in rep-

Bird Of Prey

Petersdom Petersplatz

The parable of the 10 virgins explains that as they waited for the Bridegroom, they all fell asleep . This means their bodies died. When the midnight cry is uttered, Come out to meet Him , they raise in imperishable spiritual bodies. When we die, we fall asleep. No matter how much time passes, it will be as if we are re-awakening immediately when we are re-born, clothed with immortality. It will seem like no time passed at all. Your spirit doesn't occupy any space at all. A neurologist once said that the human brain is such a sensitive and well designed thing, that it could be operated by a ghost . It is, in fact, an instrument that we are all equipped with that represents the most sophisticated machine that exists in the universe. Our life the nephesh, or breath of life, keeps our body alive, as any animal. We have a spiritual component, created a little inferior to the malakim (angels, messengers, watchers). It cannot be destroyed, except by hYht. At Luke 12 5, OWWhy told us not to...

Ray Anderson

Modern science suggests that there is no manifestation of the human personality that is not produced through the brain even though the brain may not be the effective cause. What is it that really makes humans unique amidst all of the creatures of the world if we can now transplant vital organs from animals into humans What and where is the human soul if we can account for personal and spiritual attributes of the self as manifestations of physical and electrical interactions of the brain Recent research has suggested that some persons appear to have distinctive brain patterns which might account for their propensity toward religious feelings and belief. If the human brain is considered the source of even our deepest spiritual and personal attributes, what has become of the soul