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Archetype is an individualization process which is more of a personal calling to facilitate a personal discovery of your inner being. Individualization process comes in different programs which are set uniquely to help you have a better understanding of your inner being to help bring out the best you at all times. The archetype program is owned and operated by Mettlence Pte Ltd which uses advanced technology like use of cookies in getting your personal information. The program provides 60-day money guarantee a total refund to any user who feels not satisfied with the program. This program is associated with many benefits some of them being able to discover your inner self, getting knowledge on how to control your ego which suppresses your personal growth and achievements. The program also helps individuals in identifying their drive-in life and achieve all their set goal, and lastly, the program helps individuals in acquiring high levels of self-esteem. More here...

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Astrology and Moon Worship

Astrology the belief that the Sun, planets and star-groups (constellations) possess an influence over human destiny and the attempt to discover and to predict the nature of such influence. There are two main schools of interpretation one based on the day of the year on which the individual was born, and classifying him by one of the twelve signs of the zodiac the other, deriving its conclusions from the exact time of day at which the birth took place and making use of the horoscope, or the study of the position of the sun and the planets in various heavenly houses. Joshua ben Levi held that a man s character was determined by the day of the week on which he was born Rabba ben Joseph made the statement that a man s fate, including the number of years he would live, the children he would have, and his fortune, was determined not by his piety, but by his horoscope Rabbi Hanina held the determining influence was the star under which one was born Those born under Venus will be rich and so...

Annotated Bibliography of Books on Theology and Popular Culture

(East Dubuque, IL Listening Press, 1971). A real gem, this book begins with the suggestion that TIME Magazine is the Chartres Cathedral of the twentieth century, in that, like the prolific works of art that fill Chartres, it contains the entire panorama of life for a period - from humor to superstition and horoscopes to politics to advertising to religious worship and spiritual aspirations. TIME Magazine is a distillation of American culture. Fox read every issue of TIME from 1958 and offers through what he finds in that slice an interpretation of the religious and spiritual aspirations that are expressed through political and economic affairs, professional pursuits, the arts and religion. He identifies a recurring tension between living religion and dying religion that is in keeping with Harvey Cox's conclusions in The Secular City, i.e., that religion is living wherever the struggle for justice is occurring, where freedom is valued and people are willing to question society honestly...

Stars in Talmudic Idolatry

Since each of the planets was supposed to rule a certain hour of the day, while every constellation governed a certain month of the year, the fate of an infant was predicted according to the heavenly bodies that presided over the hour and the month of its birth. The conjunction of the planets and constellations was accordingly manipulated to determine the fortunes of the person whose horoscope was thus drawn. A good planet might synchronize with a bad constellation to some extent. Both planets and constellations indicated certain characteristics in the person born at that time, and care had likewise to be taken to marry only such a mate as had been born under a harmonizing planet and constellation, since otherwise the marriage would be a failure.

Whose point of view should we consider as we learn the origins of our customs

Researching the origins of birthdays, they come from Babylonian Astrology, not the guidelines of Scripture. (Research the word horoscope, and find that it means hour watcher. This was one of the duties of the Chaldean priests of Babylon. They watched the skies at the hour of a birth). The person led by tradition is in the majority, and believes by simply re-naming Saturnalia Christ's Mass , and reinterpreting the symbolic ideas surrounding this solstice festival, we can consider the Paganism purged and rejected, and the formerly Pagan-founded ritual is applied to the obser

The Rising Sun Of The Summer Solstice

Proctor thinks the purpose of the pyramids was rather astrological than astronomical, for he says, The slant tunnel above mentioned is precisely what the astrologer would require in order to get the horoscope correctly. This distinction between astrology and astronomy was unknown to the ancients. The two were one. Astrology assumes, it is true, to predict not only eclipses, but the future generally from the position and aspects of the heavenly bodies but, in order to make those assumed predictions, it was first required, according to the rules of astrology itself, to obtain a correct knowledge of the position and aspects of the sun, moon, and planets. This necessitated, of course, correct astronomical observations, which might be and were put to uses entirely scientific and practical by the ancients, as well as serving as a basis for their pretended predictions of the future.

Is He Nimrodp

Ignorant of them, or too weak to break free of them. Their spiritual leaders aren't going to tell them, because they are hypnotized as well. The reason the Writings don't make much sense to people is because they are not aware, and don't recognize their own behavior as being Pagan. Everything has been pushed into the background so well, their eyes are blinded to the real truth. Astrology, an ancient Babylonian process of worship, was used to determine the 'sigh' under which a person was born. Everything that happened to a person was determined by the stars . The position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars at the time of one's birth produced a personal horoscope , used since ancient times by witches, palmistry experts, fortune tellers, diviners, sorceresses, tarot card readers, magicians, soothsayers, and others who dabble in the OCCULT . The word occult means hidden. Such divination is idolatry Do not practice divination or sorcery and Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists...

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