The Word

Religious speeches known as sermons became popular in the Middle Ages, as shown by this 1491 woodcut, and are still a vital part of many church services. The preacher often takes a passage from the Bible as a starting point for the sermon, and uses it to explain a Christian message.

Ways to worship

Communal worship is at the heart of the Christian faith, and many Christians come together regularly to praise God, confess their sins, and show that they are followers of Jesus Christ. Worship can involve all sorts of activities. Reading the Bible, singing hymns, songs and Psalms, praying, and listening to sermons are all aspects of Christian worship used in church services the world over. These services may vary widely in tone and mood, but most contain several of these key elements. For committed Christians, however, worship does not begin and end in church - they dedicate their whole life to God.

Medieval breviary

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