Sitting Comfortably

In a Catholic church like this English monastic chapel, the congregation sits in pews in front of the altar, which is the main focus. In Orthodox churches the altar is hidden behind a screen and there are few seats, so most of the worshippers stand. Congregations in Protestant churches tend to sit facing the pulpit.

Portuguese pulpit with a spiral stairway

Portuguese pulpit with a spiral stairway

Holy Communion

For most Christians, the church's supreme rite is the re-enactment of the last supper, when participants receive the consecrated, or blessed, bread and wine. Catholics know this as the Mass or Eucharist, Orthodox Christians call it the Holy Liturgy, and Protestants may call it the Holy Communion or the Lord's supper. in all churches, the bread and wine are identified with the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Protestants see the two elements as reminders of Jesus' sacrifice. Catholics believe that Christ's body and blood are actually present in the elements of the Mass.

The design on this kneeler combines the bread and wine with chi and rho, the first letters of the word Christ in Greek.

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