Nun And Monk

In the Middle Ages, new orders of monks and nuns were often founded because people felt the need to live by stricter rules than those governing other monasteries. Members of different orders, like this Servite nun and Slavonic monk, can often be distinguished by the colour of their clothes.

Cloister gives access to main buildings and provides space for private study

For hundreds OF years, some Christians have felt the need to live separately from the rest of society, in special communities devoted to serving God. Such communities are called monasteries, and their inhabitants - monks or nuns - live a life that is harsher and stricter than normal. They make solemn vows to God of poverty, chastity, and obedience - promising to give up personal possessions and sexual relations and to obey both the head of the monastery (the abbot or abbess) and the set of rules by which they live. Church Monasticism plays an especially important part in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Modern-day Coptic monk

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