angels know that in all the spiritual world, only the Lord is a complete human being.

[2] The church recognizes that all the worship among the ancient Israelite and Jewish people was purely external and that it foreshadowed the inner worship the Lord initiated later on. It is recognized, then, that before the Lord's coming, worship was based on emblems and allegories that represented true worship in its proper form.

Now, the Lord was indeed seen among the ancients, for he says to the Jews, "Your father Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day, and he did see it and was glad. I tell you, I existed before Abraham did" (John 8:56, 58). But that was only a representation of the Lord, which involved angels, and therefore everything having to do with the church among the ancients became symbolic. After the Lord came into the world those symbolic representations disappeared. The inner reason for this is that through the divine physical form the Lord added on in the world, he enlightens not only our inner spiritual self but also our outer physical self. If both of these are not enlightened at the same time, we are in shadow, but when they are both enlightened at once we are in daylight.

If just our inner self is enlightened but not our outer self, or if just our outer self is enlightened but not our inner self, we are like people who are asleep and dreaming; soon after they wake up they remember their dream and make various false inferences based on it. We are also like sleepwalkers who think the things they see are in broad daylight.

[3] The difference between the state of the church before the Lord's coming and after it is like one person reading in moonlight and starlight and another person reading in sunlight. Obviously, the eye makes mistakes in that first type of light, a mere white light, but it does not make mistakes in the other type of light, which includes the colors of flame.

For this reason it is said of the Lord, "The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me, 'He was like a morning light when the sun arises, a morning without clouds'" (2 Samuel 23:3, 4). "The God of Israel" and "the Rock of Israel" are the Lord. Elsewhere it says, "The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times as strong, like the light of seven days, on the day when Jehovah will bind up the brokenness of his people" (Isaiah 30:26). These words refer to the state of the church after the Lord's coming.

In brief, the state of the church before the Lord's coming was like an old woman with makeup on her face, who looks beautiful to herself because of the warm color of the makeup. The state of the church after the Lord's coming is like a young woman who is beautiful because of the blush of her own natural complexion.

The state of the church before the Lord's coming is like the skin from a piece of fruit—like an orange, an apple, a pear, or a grape—and like the taste of that skin. The state of the church after his coming is like the flesh of those types of fruit and like the taste of that flesh. And so on.

This is because ever since the Lord added on a divine physical form, he enlightens our inner spiritual self and our outer earthly self at the same time. When just our inner self is enlightened but not our outer self, a shadow is cast. The same is true when our outer self is enlightened but not our inner self.

Here I will add the following memorable occurrences. The first memorable occurrence. In the spiritual world I once saw a strange light269 in the [night] sky that fell slowly down to the earth. It had a glow around it. It was a strange aerial phenomenon that the local population called "the dragon." I made a note of the place where it landed; but in the early dawn as the sun was first coming up it disappeared, as all strange lights at night do.

Later in the morning I went to the place where I had seen it fall in the night. To my surprise, the ground there was a mixture of sulfur, iron filings, and white clay. Then I suddenly noticed two tents, one directly over the spot and the other beside it to the south. I looked up and I saw a spirit falling down from heaven like a thunderbolt. He was hurled right onto the tent that stood directly over the spot where the strange aerial phenomenon had come down. I was in the other tent that was next to it to the south. I stood up in the doorway of my tent, and I saw that the spirit, too, was standing in the doorway of his tent.

I asked him why he had fallen out of heaven like that. He answered that Michael's angels had thrown him down as an angel of the dragon.270 "It was because I voiced some of the beliefs I had convinced myself of in the world," he said. "Among them was this one: God the Father and God the Son are not one; they are two. As it turns out, though, all who are in the heavens today believe that God the Father and God the Son are one like a soul and a body. Any statement to the contrary is like a stinging

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