Having a Quantity of Truths That Are Bound Together like Strands in a Cable Elevates and Improves Our Faith d. However numerous these truths are and however divergent they appear, they are united by the Lord who is the Word; the God of heaven and earth; the God of all flesh; the God of the vineyard, or the church; the God of faith; the light itself; the truth itself; and eternal life.

[a] The truths of faith can be multiplied to infinity. This is clear from the wisdom of the angels of heaven, which grows forever. In fact, the angels say that there is never an end to wisdom. Wisdom has no other source except divine truths that have been analytically divided into forms by means of light flowing in from the Lord. Human intelligence that is truly intelligent has the same source.

Divine truth can be multiplied to infinity because the Lord is divine truth itself, or truth in its infinity. He attracts all people toward himself, but because they are finite, angels and people are unable to follow that current of attraction except to a limited extent. The force of attraction toward infinity persists all the same.

The Lord's Word is an ocean of truths, vast and deep, from which all angelic wisdom comes, although to those of us who do not know about its spiritual and heavenly meanings the Word appears to hold no more than a jug of water.

The multiplication of truths to infinity is like human sperm, one of which can lead to whole extended families that exist for tens of thousands of years. The proliferation of the truths of faith is like the proliferation of seeds in fields and gardens—they are capable of generating hundreds of millions of plants and continuing without end. In the Word, "seed" has no other meaning than truth, "field" means a body of teaching, and "garden" means wisdom.

The human mind is like soil in which both spiritual and earthly truths can be planted like seeds and can multiply without end. We derive this attribute from the infinity of God. He is constantly present in us with his light and warmth and his generative ability.

[b] Truths of faith come together to form structures that are like fascicles of nerves. People are still not aware of this. They do not know about it, because the spiritual truths that form the whole fabric of the Word have been invisible as a consequence of the mystical and enigmatic faith that takes up every square inch of modern-day theology. The result is that spiritual truths have sunk into the ground like old barns.

So that you will know what I mean by "structures" that are like "fascicles of nerves," I offer this explanation. The first chapter of this book,

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