The Word's Literal Meaning Provides a Connection to the Lord and Association with Angels passage above [§§214—224]. The connection to the Lord is not apparent to us; it exists in our love for the truth and our perception of it.

The Word's literal meaning also provides association with angels in heaven because within the literal meaning there is a spiritual meaning and a heavenly meaning. The angels are in these higher meanings. Angels of the Lord's spiritual kingdom are in the Word's spiritual meaning, and angels of the Lord's heavenly kingdom are in the Word's heavenly meaning. These two meanings unfold out of the Word's earthly meaning when the Word is read by people who regard it as holy. The unfolding is instantaneous and the association forms immediately.

A number of experiences have made it obvious to me that spiritual angels are associated with the Word's spiritual meaning and heavenly angels are associated with the Word's heavenly meaning. I was allowed to perceive that a line of communication to the heavens opened up while I was reading the Word in its literal meaning—at one moment to one community, at another moment to another community. The things that I understood in the earthly meaning the spiritual angels understood in the spiritual meaning and the heavenly angels understood in the heavenly meaning. It was instantaneous. Having perceived this communication several thousand times, I have no room left for doubt about it.

In fact, there are spirits below the heavens who abuse this communication. They recite some saying from the Word's literal meaning and immediately observe and record the community that it communicates with. This too I have often seen and heard.

I have been allowed to know through living experience, then, that the Word in its literal meaning is a divine medium for connecting us to the Lord and associating us with angels in heaven.

Examples will illustrate how spiritual angels receive their meaning and heavenly angels receive theirs from the earthly meaning when we read the Word. Four of the Ten Commandments will provide examples.

Take the fifth commandment,465 "You will not murder." We take this to mean not only murdering but also hating and longing for revenge even to the point of death. Spiritual angels take "murdering" to mean acting like a devil and killing someone's soul. Heavenly angels take "murdering" to mean hating the Lord and the Word.

[2] The sixth commandment, "You will not commit adultery." We take "committing adultery" to mean whoring, doing obscene things, saying lustful things, and having filthy thoughts. A spiritual angel takes

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