Faith without truths is like a vine that bears a few wild grapes. Faith made of truths is like a vine that bears bunches of high-quality grapes that yield excellent wine.

A faith in the Lord that lacks truths is like a new star that appears in the sky but then dims after a while.568 A faith in the Lord that has truths is like a fixed star that endures forever.

Truth is the essence of faith. Therefore the quality of the truth determines the quality of the faith. Without truths, faith wanders around; with them, it stays in one place. In fact, a faith made of truths shines in heaven like a star.

If all we had was an awareness of the faith that exists nowadays, it would be impossible for us to know that in its proper surroundings faith is an array of truths; still less could we see from today's faith that we are capable of doing something to acquire faith for ourselves. Yet faith in its essence is truth. Faith is truth in its own light. Therefore as truth is something that we can acquire, so is faith. We can all turn to the Lord if we want to. We can all gather truths from the Word if we want to. Every truth that is in the Word, or from the Word, shines; and faith is truth in light.

The Lord, who is light itself, flows into us all. If we have truths from the Word, he makes them shine in us and become part of our faith. This is what the Lord is saying in John, that we live in the Lord and his words live in us (John 15:7). The Lord's words are truths.

To correctly understand this statement—that having a quantity of truths that are bound together like strands in a cable elevates and improves our faith—the discussion needs to be broken into the following points:

a. Truths of faith can be multiplied to infinity.

b. Truths of faith come together to form structures that are like fascicles of nerves.

c. Our faith improves depending on the quantity of truths we have and how well they fit together.

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