Was Jesus a Drunkard

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Pharisees frequently accused lesus of being a winebibber, drunkard and glutton. They also said He had a devil and blasphemed God, among other things. We know He wasn't a glutton or demon-possessed blasphemer! So if these things are not true, why should we assume that our Lord was a drinker as indicated by the Pharisees, a group of lesus' most-outward adversaries well known for their questionable theology?

They were merely contrasting His lifestyle with the austerity of lohn the Baptist, a practicing Nazarite, who abstained from anything of the vine and ate locusts and wild honey (Numbers 6:3; Luke 7:33-34, 1:15; John 8:48-52; Mark 2:7; Matthew 3:4).

When Jesus hung parched on the cross, Roman soldiers offered him fermented wine mingled with myrrh. But as soon as lesus tasted it and recognized it was fermented, He refused it. If lesus refused this beverage even as His body was tormented with extraordinary thirst, why would He have drank wine normally (Matthew 27:34)? (And more to the point, why then should we?)

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