Two Opposing Camps

Among Christians, there are two primary camps of thought on this sensitive topic. The first group argues that Jesus Himself drank wine, and since a Christian is a follower of Christ, how can it be forbidden? And generally, they add with a moderate air: "but even so, drinking should not be done to excess."

Then there is the other position: Alcohol is an addictive and destructive drug that no sincere Christian should use to any degree.

Of course, between these two diametrically opposed poles, there are countless variations of opinions. In this short work, I cannot possibly address the whole spectrum of perspectives—so using the Scripture and common sense, I will attempt to stay within the core principles.

In fairness, I will state from the beginning that I am firmly in the unferment-ed camp! I believe that scriptural references to lesus' use of wine are of the grape juice variety.

But before the wine connoisseurs toss this book aside, you owe it to yourself to hear me out. I come from the perspective of one who grew up frequently drinking wine or beer with dinner—I even brewed my own beer and made wine once. But I have never been an alcoholic, so my position is not the result of overreacting from a clean and sober victory.

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