Said Remember

2. Creation - The Mark of God's

Sovereignty 3

3. Conversion - Creative Power at Work 5

4. The Battle Over Authority 7

5. The Test Point of the Law 9

6. Major Fallacy #1 - The Sabbath Was

Made Only for the Jews 12

7. Major Fallacy #2 - Just Keep Any

Day in the Seven 17

8. Major Fallacy #3 - We Can't Locate the True Seventh Day 21

9. Major Fallacy #4 - The Sabbath Was

Only a Memorial of Deliverance Out of Egypt 27

10. Major Fallacy #5 - Keep Sunday in

Honor of the Resurrection 29

chapter 1

What Could He Do?

Numerous surveys and questionnaires have confirmed that the most popular form of modem skepticism is to deny the creation story. Seventy-two percent of ministers interviewed expressed varying degrees of doubt that God actually spoke the world into existence according to the biblical account. This fundamental disbelief has led to the rejection of other foundational doctrines of Christendom such as the virgin birth and the atonement.

It is interesting to note that God apparently anticipated a lot of controversy over the Genesis record of fiat creation. His claims of manufacturing all the staggering mass of matter by merely commanding it to exist—well, there would certainly be doubters and disbelievers of such an account. And even those who read about it and believed it would soon forget the miraculous fact under the confusing influence of a million false gods who would arise.

So God needed to do something unusual to preserve the knowledge of His mighty act of creation. That power to speak heaven and earth into existence would distinguish Him from all the counterfeit gods and their deceptive claims. What could He do that would constantly point mankind back to the focal week of creation when He forever established His divine authority?

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