Phase 3 The Ultimate End Of Rebellion

The next step in our story, the reviewing of the records by the redeemed during the millennium, is simply to allow the human race to look over God's shoulder in order to understand His decisions, as He allowed the unfallen beings to do during the investigative judgment. And at the end of the millennium, the whole unsaved world will assemble before God's throne for the same purpose. One conclusive point must be clearly made. All, including the unsaved, will understand why Satan and sin must be destroyed. This final acknowledgement of God's justice and love will utterly vindicate God's name. All will see that sin is without excuse or reason, and that obedience is the only way of life and happiness.

Only by this protracted, painful, twisting process can sin be brought safely to an end while preserving freedom of choice for every being. This freedom is the kingpin of God's master plan for the universe. Why is freedom so important? Because without the liberty to reject God, neither could we choose Him—and without choice, love would be utterly impossible. God loves His creatures, and a lover yearns for love in return. An eternity of growing into love with our Maker will open still wider vistas of freedom, greater possibilities of accomplishment than we can ever know here in this darkened world.

We should now be making the choices that will preserve our freedom for all eternity and vindicate the character of the God who loves us so much that He risked everything—in order that we might freely share it all with Him.


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