Faith Makes No Provision To Fail

The final text in claiming deliverance is found in Romans 13:14: "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh to fulfil the lusts thereof." This lays the final timber in God's foolproof, perfect plan of giving the victory. How can a dead person lay plans to keep sinning? If you knew you would be dead tomorrow morning, would you make any provisions for tomorrow afternoon? If you "reckon yourself dead" to any sin through the power of the Word, it would be a contradiction of nature to act as though the sin was still in control. It would also be a denial of the promise of God. If He says you have the victory, believe it!

Now we have clearly before us the uncomplicated scheme of salvation as it has been described in the Bible. The three big steps are Sins Forgiven, New Birth, and Obedience. Every child, youth, or adult can take those steps right now and pass from death to life. There is nothing mysterious about coming to Jesus to be saved. Sins are forgiven by meeting the three conditions laid down in the Bible—repentance, confession, and restitution. We have reduced these long words to an equation that the most simple can understand.

We have shown that the second large step to Christ is the new-birth experience. This profound change takes place when an individual accepts Jesus as a personal substitute and Saviour. It often happens in conjunction with the imputed justification that is credited when sins are confessed. The resulting relationship of love, with its attendant obedience, fulfills the last step in the process of becoming a Christian.

If you haven't entered fully into this joyful relationship with the Lord Jesus, don't hesitate to take the three steps right now. And if there is any confusion about what to do or how to do it, just forget about protocol or procedures and tell the Lord exactly how you feel and what you desire. He will be there to lead you into the most satisfying experience you've ever imagined.

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