Claiming the Victory Sanctification

Total victory over all sin has been promised through scores of Bible texts, but four of them will suffice to bring deliverance to every one who will claim them in faith. May I address you personally about your besetting weakness, problem, or addiction? The simple, practical steps you are about to learn could make the difference between life and death in your future. Let nothing divert you from this biblical formula that is guaranteed to break any chain or habit in your life that you are willing to relinquish.

The first text contains a most important principle about victory over sin. "But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 15:57). May this glorious truth grip your mind. Victory is a gift! It is not something you can earn or deserve. Neither is it bestowed as a reward for hard effort and struggle. It is freely granted to those who ask for it in the right way. But, you may inquire, what is the right way to ask God for this gift? The answer is contained in just one word—faith. Jesus said, "According to your faith so be it unto you." Everything promised in the Bible is yours for the asking, but you must believe it in order to receive it.

Now let's illustrate that principle by moving to the second text. "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him" (Matthew 7:11, emphasis added)? Notice that this verse is also talking about asking for gifts, and the previous text told us that the gift is "victory" over sin. From these words of Jesus, we learn that His Father is more willing and eager to give us the "good things" we ask for than we are to feed our children when they are hungry!

Next question: "Is victory a good thing to ask for?" Of course, and victory is also a "gift," as we were told in 1 Corinthians 15:57. And on the authority of Jesus' own words, if we ask for this good gift, God will give it more freely than loving parents would feed their children.

By the way, we don't even have to incorporate the phrase "If it be Thy will" into this prayer request, because the Bible already assures us that it is His will to free us from all sin. If we were asking for some physical gift, such as healing or a better job, we would certainly have to include that phrase in our prayer.

We are now prepared to make an observation. Whatever gift of victory over sin you ask for, it will be immediately bestowed. If you do not believe that with your whole heart, then do not pursue this plan any further. If you do believe victory will be yours the moment you ask, then drop on your knees and ask Him now, calling the sin by name. As you rise from your knees you will not feel that anything has changed, but your feelings have nothing to do with it. A wonderful thing has happened. The instant you prayed, God placed a mighty reservoir of power into your life. That power is the victory over your sin! You have it now!

Some might ask, "How can I know the victory has been given?" Simply because God promised to give it when you asked

Him. In some cases God actually removes the taste or desire for the activity, but that is not the usual way He does it. The appetite may remain strong in the majority of those who seek deliverance, but they still have the power from God never to yield to that craving again. The secret is to accept without question that what God promised has indeed taken place.

Do you remember how Peter walked on the water? Jesus assured him that he could do it, and the big fisherman stepped out of the boat and began to do the impossible. Nobody can walk on water, but Peter did it—for a while. How long did he do it? The Bible says the wind and the waves were boisterous, and he became afraid. What was he afraid of? Obviously, of sinking and drowning. But didn't that doubt the word of Jesus? The Master had told Peter that he could come to Him.

In the same way, He has promised to give us the victory as a gift. He invites us to come to Him. What should our response be? Whatever our spiritual infirmity, we should "step out of the boat" and affirm that we have power from God never to yield to that sin again. We can tell anybody or everybody that God has set us free, and we no longer are bound by that habit. Our faith will grow as we bear witness to what God has done, and also as we constantly thank and praise Him for the gift of victory.

Paul wrote: "Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin" (Romans 6:11). These are the most important words for those following the faith plan of overcoming. The word "reckon" means to count it as done. There must be no reservation in considering the sin as "dead" on the basis of God's promise. Our greatest temptation, at this point, is to think about the many times we have tried and failed to put this sin out of our lives. Satan will attack our faith by suggesting that we cannot possibly survive without indulging this particular sin, and that we are much too weak to give it up. Our greatest test will be to overwhelm and drown that "trying" argument of the self-nature and focus by faith on God's gift-plan of total victory.

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