Most Churches Fail the Biblical Test

Doesn't that seem strange? God wrote with His own hand, "the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work" (Exodus 20:10). No one has ever been confused about the day God sanctified and commanded. All preachers and churches freely admit that Saturday is the seventh day of the week. Yet most of them are transgressing the commandment of God every week by blatantly doing work on the Sabbath, which God has prohibited.

To compensate for the breaking of the seventh-day Sabbath, they have substituted another day—the first day of the week—in place of the one God commanded.

How do they justify such willful manipulation of the great moral law of God? The situation is astounding no matter how we view it! Many churches brush aside the Ten Commandments as mere ceremonial rules of Moses and teach that they were abolished at the cross! Others take the position that all the Ten Commandments, Except the Sabbath, were carried over into the New Testament. In either case, the fourth commandment, containing the special sign of God's creative and redemptive power, has been rejected and desecrated.

Yet we have just discovered that the true church will be distinguished for keeping the commandments. Mark it down: according to the clear teaching of the Bible, no church could be the remnant of the woman unless it keeps the seventh-day Sabbath as well as all the other nine commandments. Suddenly, we see the vast majority of those who passed the first test failing to meet the second.

But now we move on to the third requirement of the prophecy. The last-day remnant church must have the spirit of prophecy manifested in it. What does that mean? Without doubt this particular flag of identity is the most important one on our list. We shall discover that this involves more than merely understanding and preaching prophecy.

Finally, this special church will be distinguished by the unique message it proclaims to all nations on earth—the judgment is begun, the seventh day is the Sabbath, Babylon is fallen, and warnings against the mark of the beast.

Before we say more about any modern church system which might match these inspired characteristics, let us return to identifying point number three, which still has not been fully explained.

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