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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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With a life of perfect obedience behind Him, Jesus laid down His life to meet the penalty of the broken law. His death and resurrection gave Him the final authority by which to reverse all the human havoc wrought by Satan's victory over Adam. Now Jesus had in His hand everything man could possibly need to be restored to God's Edenic plan of perfection and holiness. Although it had cost Him an infinite price to obtain, He offered all of it as a free gift to anyone who would receive it.

What did He have to offer? Deliverance from the death sentence through His own assumption of the guilt and penalty, credit for a perfect life of obedience through His imputed righteousness, and victory in the flesh over every temptation Satan can devise.

Many who have joyfully received the first two gifts have been fearful to accept the third. Why should we hesitate to be an exhibit for God? By receiving His power of victory over temptation, we provide a vindication of God's original purpose, and we expose the blasphemous lies of Satan for what they really are.

Right now Satan holds a tenuous position as a temporary ruler of this world. He watches in desperation as Jesus and the Holy Spirit break through the barriers of sin to release multitudes of his captives. The power of the flesh is broken every time self surrenders to Christ.

Temptation loses its power when He enters the life. By one decision right now, victory is assured. The second Adam was to deliver you from the old sinful nature of the first Adam. He wants you to change families. There is no hope for us to overcome temptation unless we get out of the defeated, dying family of the first Adam.

Jesus offers each one of us the victory which He won over Satan in the flesh. We might be suspicious of this gift had He not overcome in the same human nature we possess. Now He wants to enter your life and live out the same victory in you day after day.

One of my favorite stories has to do with Augustine, whose youth was marked by gross licentiousness and immorality. As a young man he was swept by mighty currents of emotion for two women in his life. Like a chip on the tide, Augustine would be drawn toward his godly mother, Monica; and then, toward a dissolute woman who seemed to hold him under an evil spell. In spite of his mother's prayers for him, Augustine continued a course of miserable compromise. Sometimes he would be attracted to the righteous instruction of Monica, but then, the evil influence of the other woman would draw him back. The battle was long and terrible.

But then came that glorious day when in his garden Augustine was converted through a mysterious voice directing him to

Romans 13:13, 14. When he read this text, the scales fell off his eyes, and he rushed to convey the good news to his mother. She was delighted at the dramatic change in her son.

While walking down the streets of Carthage the next day after his conversion, Augustine saw the woman who had been his companion in sin. She was coming directly toward him and there was no way to avoid the encounter. Without even acknowledging her presence, Augustine brushed past her without a word. She stopped, unbelieving, and then ran after him in a state of outrage. Grabbing his arm she cried, "Augustine! Augustine! It is I!" He stopped in his tracks, looked at her, and said, "Yes, but it is not I." Then he walked on down the street and out of her life forever.

Augustine told the truth that day because he was indeed a new person. It is only in the strength of the second Adam that we will be able to turn from temptation. Sin loses its appeal for those who are in love with Christ and have made their decision to serve Him instead of self.

Satan will have no problem overcoming the children of the first Adam. He defeated the father and he can handle the children as well. On the other hand, he will find no way to conquer those who draw upon the strength of the second Adam.

This is the way of escape that is promised to those who will receive it. Jesus simply passes on to His spiritual children the total victory which He won over the devil while living here in human flesh.

This is the heart of the matter. Under this power the Christian uses his surrendered will to choose the lifestyle which avoids the hidden snares of temptation. Both factors are very important in winning the victory—having Christ in the heart and avoiding presumptuous situations of temptation. May God lead us in applying these spiritual principles to our own experience.

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