Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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quickening spirit/'1 "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."2 Over against Eve stands Mary, who bore the fruit of Life as against the fruit of death, and the Breviary hymn Ave, maris Stella plays on the very reversal of Eve's name:

Sumens illud Ave Gabrielis ore, Funk nos in pace, Mutans Evae nomen.

Receiving that Ave from the mouth of Gabriel, establish us in peace, changing the name of Eva.3

Opposite the Serpent Lucifer, entwining the Tree, there stands, again, Christ—a type of whom is seen by Christian symbolism in the nehusbtan-<he Serpent of Bronze which Moses hung upon his staff for the healing of the plague, and which was kept for many years in the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies of Solomons Temple.

With the Fall of Adam and his expulsion from Eden, the Christian story has stated its problem. It has represented the whole plight of man and of the created universe—the sense that things are not as they should be, that death and pain are imperfections, the sense of separation from the divine, of conflict with nature, of guilt, anxiety, and impotence of will, since "the good that I would, I do not; but the evil which I would not, that I do". From now on the story turns to the extrication of man from the tangle in which Lucifer has involved him, to his Salvation from Death and Hell.

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3 Vesper hymn in the Common of Feasts of the B.V.M.

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