S this Letter was written in

Anfwer to a Queftion propo-fed by a private Perfon, I wrote it purely for his Satisfaction, without any Thought of printing it But Chewing a Copy of it fome Years after to a Neighbouring Clergyman, he adviied me to fend it to thePreis. Wherefore, I revifed and corre&ed it, and then tranfmitted it to the Bookr feller, above Two Years ago:. He, being diffident whether any Thing written on thisSubjeft would fell, de* layed to print and publiih it until now. If the World lhall accept of this, ,1 may hereafter give ibme Account of the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Chaldee Paraphrafes, the Syriacy and all the other ancient Verfions publiihed inBiihop Walton % Polyglot Bible j and {hew their Ufefulnefs to-

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