P A M Fa C E

Wards attaining thetrue Headings the Scriptures in -doubtful JPlaces. Where I may likewife obferve, that the; Agreement of fo jnghy fcarkms Tranilations, in all Matters of Moment, (as fome of thefe Tranflations were made by Jew$y as well as others by Chrifttans of different Countries, and different Opinions in Matters of Religion] is a Teftimony that wt ought to receive'the Scriptures we now have, as a perfect Ruk\o£ out Faith and Manners* The Things wherein thefe Various Tranifetidns differ, not affe&ing either the one or other:' Since Perihns of, fuch different Countries and different ;Qpmir ons, could not. join together ta vim-

pofe a Falfehood on the World,

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