logy at the Conclusion of the Lord's Prayer, Mattb. vi. 13. is omitted in feveral Manu-fcripts. Alfo the feventh Verfe of the fifth ^ Chapter of the firft EpiiUe of St John is o-

mitted in almoft all the Manufcript Copies in thefe Wejlern Parts of the World 5 fo that Dr Mills could neither procure or hear of any one now extant, which had that Verfc in k: bat Stephens above 150 Years ago found it infome Manuicripts $ tho* where they are now, if yet in being, we know not. And as there are fuch Omiffions, fo there are Additions alfo in fome Copies of whole Periods or Sentences; as ASs v. 18. at the End of the Verfe there is added, x«i iKtia&ra to8 Now if our Enghjb Tranflation had been made from any of thefe Manuicripts, you would hate feen a confiderablc Difference as to whole Periods, between that and our common Greek Teftaments. And I doubt not, but foine of thefe various Readings are truer than the Reading we have followed.

If it fhould be faid, that the Septuagint feeing but a Translation, and that a faulty one aHo» no great Regard is to be paid to it, elpecsaliy as we ftilt have the Hebrew Origi-and we need not concern ourfehres with it. I aafcrer, that notwkhflanding ad .. v It's Faults, it is ft3t of great Ufe for the right * uadcrfbmdbg the I both of the

Old and New Teftament: Though indeed, at the Beginning of the Reformation the Septuagifit for foine Time was flighted as of little or no Worth by all Parties. The Protefiants earneftly contending that the Dodtrine of the Old Teftament was to be learned from the Hebrew Copies only j and the Romanijls contending as earneftly for the Authority of their Latin Vulgate \ fo that for fome Time the Septuagint lay neglefted and defpifed. But as Heats abated, and Learning increafed, the Septuagint began to recover a due Regard, and that upon good Grounds. For not to enter into the Difputes' which have exercifed the Pens of many learned Men j concerning which there is an Account given by the late Dean Pr/-deaux, in his Connexion of the Hijiory of the Old and New Teftament, beginning at the Year 277, before the common iEra of the Birth of Chriji; it appears to be agreed on all Hands, that this Tranflation was made about that Time, being the eighth Year of the Reign of Ptolemy Philadelphia, for the Ufe of the Multitude of Jews then fetded at Alexandria, who fpake the Greek Language. At this Time there was in the , / ^ Temple at Jerufalem a true authentic Copy V of the Hebrew Bible written by Ezra, or p ' ' # under bis Infpedion. And as he was an in- ? 5 'J * 'C£ fpired Writer, no doubt that Copy Was free ^

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