the Son

Moreover, each of these systems has a triple male trinity, each proceeding separately through itself from one female Deity. So, for instance:

Indian Pantheon

The Trinity— Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, are blended into ONE, who is Brahma (neuter gender), creating and being created through the Virgin Nari (the mother of perpetual fecundity).


The trinity—Anu, Bel, Hoa (or Sin, Samas, Bin), blend into ONE who is Anu (double-sexed) through the Virgin Mylitta.

The trinity consisted of the Mystery named Sige, Bythos, Ennoia. These become ONE who is Abrasax, from the Virgin Sophia (or Pneuma), who herself is an emanation of Bythos and the Mystery-god and emanates through them, Christos.

To place it still clearer, the Babylonian System recognizes first — the One (Ad, or Ad-ad), who is never named, but only acknowledged in thought as the Hindu Swayambhuva. From this he becomes manifest as Anu or Ana — the one above all — Monas. Next comes the Demiurge called Bel or Elu, who is the active power of the Godhead. The third is the principle of Wisdom, Hea or Hoa, who also rules the sea and the underworld. Each of these has his divine consort, giving us Anata, Belta, and Davkina. These, however, are only like the Saktis, and not especially remarked by theologists. But the female principle is denoted by Mylitta, the Great Mother, called also Ishtar. So with the three male gods, we have the

Ophite System

Triad or Trimurti, and with Mylitta added, the Arba or Four (Tetraktys of Pythagoras), which perfects and potentializes all. Hence, the above-given modes of expression. The following Chaldean diagram may serve as an illustration for all others:



Triad {Bel, }



Four-fold God

become, with the Christians,

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