5. Mother — Pure Essence, Akasa

5. Mother-soul of the universe— Anouke

5. Mother of Divine Grace

6. Virgin most chaste — Kanya

6. Virgin sacred earth—Isis

6. Virgin most chaste

7. Mother Taumatra, of the five virtues or elements

7. Mother of all the virtues—Thmei, with the same qualities

7. Mother most pure

Mother undefiled

Mother inviolate

Mother most amiable

Mother most admirable

8. Virgin Trigana (of the three elements, power or richness, love, and mercy)

8. Illustrious Isis, most powerful, merciful, just (Book of the Dead.)

8. Virgin most powerful

Virgin most merciful

Virgin most faithful

9. Mirror of Supreme Conscience— Ahancara

9. Mirror of Justice and Truth—Thmei

9. Mirror of Justice.

10. Wise Mother— Saraswati

10. Mysterious mother of the world— Buto

10. Seat of Wisdom

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