Conclusions and illustrations

Chapter XII 539

Recapitulation of Fundamental Propositions 539

Seership of the Soul and of the Spirit 541

The Phenomenon of the So-Called Spirit-Hand 545

Difference between Mediums and Adepts 546

Interview of an English Ambassador with a Reincarnated Buddha 549

Flight of a Lama's Astral Body Related by Abbé Huc 554

Schools of Magic in Buddhist Lamaseries 558

The Unknown Race of Hindu Todas 562

Will-Power of Fakirs and Yogis 566

Taming of Wild Beasts by Fakirs 570

Evocation of a Living Spirit by a Shaman, Witnessed by the Writer 574

Sorcery by the Breath of a Jesuit Father 580

Why the Study of Magic Is Almost Impracticable in Europe 582

Conclusion 582

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