Chapter Ii

christian crimes and heathen virtues

Chapter II 50

Sorceries of Catherine of Medicis 50

Occult Arts Practised by the Clergy 53

Witch-Burnings and Auto-Da-Fe of Little Children 56

Lying Catholic Saints 66

Pretensions of Missionaries in India and China 70

Sacrilegious Tricks of Catholic Clergy 73

Paul a Kabalist 82

Peter not the Founder of Roman Church 83

Strict Lives of Pagan Hierophants 88

High Character of Ancient "Mysteries" 91

Jacolliot's Account of Hindu Fakirs 93

Christian Symbolism Derived from Phallic Worship 98

Hindu Doctrine of the Pitris

Brahminic Spirit-Communion

Dangers of Untrained Mediumship

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