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1 SEX BETWEEN FATHER AND HIS TWO DAUGHTERS. Night after night both the daughters of the prophet Lot seduce their drunken father and conceive children from him.

Genesis 19:30-36

2. SON COHABITS WITH HIS MOTHER: Reuben the eldest son of Jacob, in the absence of his father, had sexual intercourse with his father's wife and Israel (another name for Jacob) heard it. This episode was reported to him, but he did not fume or spank his son for his naughty behaxiour Nor did God have a single word of reproach for him.

Genesis 35:22

3. JUDAH COMMITS INCEST WITH HIS DAUGHTER-IN-LAW: She conceives immediately and delivers bastard twins who become the grandfathers of Jesus Christ. Thus Cod rewards Judah and his

4. AMNONt ONE OF THE SONS OF THE PROPHET DAVID RAPES HIS SISTER: "A worthy son of a worthy father" according to the "Holy" Bible, Amnon by a masterful strategem rapes his sister Tamar and God did not punish or reprimand

5. ANOTHER SON OF DAVID, THE MAN ACCORDING TO GOD'S OWN HEART, RAPES HIS MOTHERS (10 in a row) WHOLESALE: Absalom sets up a tent on the flat palace roof and ¡ays ten of his father's wives and rapes them all one by one, in the "sight of the whole of Israel"

2 Samuel 16:21-23

6. JERUSALEM (THE JEWS) THE INSATIABLE WHORE: Neither the Assyrians, the Babylonians nor the E&ptians (''great of flesh'1) could ever satiate the Jewish whore. Other prostitutes were paid by their clients for their semces but this one paid them for being serviced. "She spread out her legs to every passerby!"

Ezekiel 16:23-34

7 THE TWO SISTERS COMPETING WITH ONE ANOTHER IN THEIR HARLOTRY: For she doted upon her paramours (her lovers) whose flesh (genital organs) was as the flesh (genital organs) of donkeys and whose emission is like the emission of horses. '

Ezekiel 23:1-35

If these little snippets do not satisfy you, then open these other chapters and verses in your Bible at home.1 Do not forget to highlight them in RED for easier reference.

"Come, let us take our fir// of love till the morning, let us delight ourselves with love, FOR MY HUSBAND IS NOT AT HOME . . .

Proverbs 7:7-22

(b) Says the woman: "My king was lying on his couch ...

"My ¡over has the scent of myrrh AS HE LIES UPON MY BREASTS

Song of Songs 1:12-13

All these juicy snippets are sexually stimulating, but morally and spiritually enervating, and damning!!

(c) "By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth.

... "when I found him ... / HELD HIM, AND WOULD NOT LET HIM GO, until I had brought him into my mother's house to the room where I was born.

Song of Songs 3:1 -4

(d) "Behold, you are beautiful my love;

Your LIPS are like a scarlet thread ...

Your TWO BREASTS are like fawns ...

Your rounded THIGHS are like jewels ...

... / say: I will go up the palm tree ... Oh, may YOUR BREASTS be like clusters of vine.

Song of Songs1 4:1-7

(e) "And Samson went to Gaza, and there he saw a harlot (a whore, a hooker, a prostitute) and he went in unto her

(had sexual intercourse with her)"

George Bernard Shaw, the great British thinker and playwright, remarked on perusing the Holy Bible, that it is "The most dangerous book on earth. Keep it under lock and key: your children must not have access to it"

And "The Plain Truth"2 magazine, a Christian publication of the "World Church of Tomorrow," in one of its articles on the Bible had this to say: "Many a censor would give the Bible an X-rating."

To those of you who wish to make a thorough study of the Christian Bible, it is strongly recommended that you master the 2nd part of this volume, entitled "Combat Kit" which is your lethal weapon against Bible-thumpers.

1. Song of Songs: also described in some Bibles as "The Song of Solomon," the wise.

2. It had a reputed circulation of approximately 8,000,000 copies a month for free distribution, when its founder Herbert Armstrong was alive. His successors do not give figures any more.

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