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On my return home to South Africa, I wrote an article on how to counter the missionaries who come to harass the Muslims in their own homes. The 1PCI published one hundred thousand copies of this manual — "Combat Kit" — for free distribution worldwide. Get your FREE copy from the ISLAMIC PROPAGATION CENTRE INTERNATIONAL, 124 QUEEN STREET, DURBAN 4001 to affix to your copy of the Bible.

This manual is a book of instructions, and is not intended for your entertainment As soon as you get it in your hands, browse through the index on page one and follow the instructions as contained on page two.

To start the exercise, you need the Bible. If you do not have one, then buy one in the language of your choice, preferably the King Version (KJV).

I make my students open the inside front cover of the Bible in their hand and make them glue their copy of the "Combat Kit"

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for pendantr.:y ¡ni: the ribic. oihervnse. me :na:nu, ^s apt to re misplaced or get lest. "Combat Kit*' n sunk in onto; ihe student is new prepared for :he first mrve. H: or she is asked re open the index on page one of the man un. Scanning the topics, our eyes rest on Item ¿c. :.e "INCEST: Types and types of incest in the Bible ... Page 13/'

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