Rolling up the Outer Court



Structure of the Brain Stem The brain stem, shown here in colored cross section, is the lowest part of the brain. Microsoft Illustration Caption

Above we see a side by side comparison of the outer court and the reptilian brain. The reptile lives by the "law of the jungle" so - as cruel as it was for Jesus to be slain for us - this was accomplished in the outer court on the sacrifice altar. In back of the sacrifice altar we see the laver and then the entrance to the sanctuary. Those that would roll up this court for good should clear their conscience of all unforgiveness and hatreds against their fellow man. They should ask Jesus to apply His blood to traumatic and painful memories so that their hold is broken. Father, El Elyon, Most High, we come to you in the name of Yahshua, our Savior, and ask that you would assist those reading this - or those that they would minister to - to roll up their outer court, and may their thinking never ever return to the low reptilian realm again!

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