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It was in wee hours of contemplation, when I received a visitation from Jesus. He told me how much He loved me and that He had many riches that He wanted to share with me. He described precious gems, pearls, and silver and gold rings, bracelets and necklaces. He said, "My child open your hands, and receive what I have for you."

As I extended my hands to receive the very riches of God, there was a pause and it seemed that Jesus was visibly concerned about what He saw. He said, "My child, I would give you all these gifts, but there is no place within your cupped hands to receive them. For you are holding on to all the old things and there is no room within your hands to receive the new gifts that I would give you!" I looked, and behold, all the things that had been so important to me were as filthy rags in my hand. Truly, if Jesus placed anything within my cupped hands, it would have only fallen to the floor. As this realization came to me, I immediately took the filthy old rags and placed them in the trash to be burned. I then bowed before Jesus and asked forgiveness for clinging to the old and not being ready to receive the new. He took me to His bosom and told me how much He loved me. Then, He asked me to open my hands to receive that which He had prepared for me - precious stones set in silver and gold.

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