A length of time that included the Last Generation but was of uncertain length.

The Visitation


ca. AD 75

The coming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.

"Nebuchadnezzar," Chief of the Kings of Yawan

8:11, 19:23-4

ca. AD 75

The Roman emperor, probably Nero, who would bring on the coming visitation.

The Kings of the Peoples, the Kings of Yawan

8:10, 19:23 8:11, 19:24

ca. AD 75

Rulers of various kingdoms in the Middle East, who would aid the Roman emperor at the coming visitation.

The Man of Mockery, The Man of Lies, the Man who Preaches Lies, Zaw

1:14 20:15 8:13, 19:26 4:19

AD 35-AD 67 or 68

Ananus, the son of Ananus

The Congregation of Traitors, the Princes of Judah, the Builders of the Wall, the House of Peleg


8:3, 19:15 4:19, 8:18, 19:31 20:22

AD 35-ca. AD 75

Ananus' supporters

The Righteous One, the Teacher, the Teacher of Righteousness

1:20 20:28 20:32

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