Ad 656

Those led by Symeon, the son of Clopas, to the land of Damascus.

The Interpreter of the Torah, the Star, the Rod, the Voice of the Teacher

6:7, 7:18 7:18, 19 6:4, 7 20:28, 32

AD 62-ca. AD 101

Symeon, the son of Clopas

The Prince of All the Congregation, the Sceptre, he who arises to teach righteousness in the end of days, the Messiah of Aaron and Israel


20:1, 19:10-1, cf. 14:19

ca. AD 75-ca. AD 115

A new leader who was to come at the period of the coming visitation.

The "Sons of Zadok ... who shall stand in the end of days

3:21-4:1, 4:3-4

ca. AD 75

All members of the sect at the period of the coming visitation.

The Fathers

8:18, 19:31

19th cent. BC

The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

The Period of the Desolation of the Land

5:20, cf. 3:10

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